Reference Materials

EU Technical Assistance Animal Husbandry Project

This section contains various publications related to animal production that was develop and published during the course of the EU “Animal Husbandry Project” that took place in the northern part of Cyprus. The materials cover various relevant aspects of production including information on specific diseases, practices and topics.

Further details and information are to be found in the files here under:

(i) Training Materials for Livestock farmers
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(ii) Training Materials for Advisors
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Local Trainings for Farmers

Various trainings are organised locally for farmers. This takes place regularly and covers different topics mainly related to crop husbandry. Have a look at the interesting information below:

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Information on Citrus Production

The authors of this book are Dr. Şerife Gündüz, Dr. Ulrich Kersting and İbrahim Kahramanoğlu, MSc. The book provides useful training materials about weed management practices in citrus orchards.

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Information on Pomegranate Production

This presentation was prepared by İbrahim Kahramanoğlu, MSc to train pomegranate producers on various issues related to pomegranate cultivation.

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Olive Oil Production

The following materials have been developed as part of technical support for the regeneration of the olive oil sector in Lebanon provided by the Institute for Agronomic Studies in Mediterranean Agriculture (CIHEAM IAM Bari).


Agricultural Reuse of Olive Mill Wastewater

Guidelines to control Spilocaea Oleagina

Improve, Simply & Facilitate Olive Pruning